We're glad you're here!

Crossroads is a family of people just like you. 

We gather together to care for each other and receive the grace and forgiveness we so desperately need ... and which God offers freely. As a fellow child of God, you are welcome to join us – not to be judged, but to be loved.

At Crossroads, you're always welcome. 

Your background doesn't matter. You'll meet friendly people who truly want to know you and be your friends. And you'll see that we're Christ-centered, bible-based, and culturally aware, with a high level of dedication to reaching out to our community. You'll enjoy our come-as-you-are worship service, including contemporary music and a sound Biblical message that you can apply to your everyday life.  

Crossroads is a community church

It won't take you long to see that Crossroads is not just a place we gather once a week. It's a church on the move, serving the community of Norwalk in the ways that Jesus teaches us. Find out more about community involvement at Crossroads.

Join us for Worship

We gather at 9:30 AM every Sunday to worship the risen Lord in spirit and truth. We worship because God commands it of us, but more importantly because we're so grateful for His great love and grace. 

If you feel the same way, please join us. And even if you're not sure about God or his Son, Jesus – join us anyway! We welcome everyone and would love to show you His love.

After all, Crossroads is a hospital for sinners – not a museum! Join us!

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What you can expect

The moment you walk into Crossroads, you'll see that it's a place full of friendly people who are glad you're here. Our Guest Services staff will greet you warmly and help you feel right at home. They'll point you toward a free cup of coffee and a snack, show you where to take your children, and help you find a seat in our worship center.

So join us. Let Crossroads be your home!

The Holy Grounds Cafe

Sometimes you just need a good cup of coffee for a good start to the day.

That's why we make sure you can always get a piping hot cup of Joe absolutely FREE from The Holy Grounds Cafe, brewed fresh and ready for you to enjoy. We've also got a variety of delicious hot teas, along with yummy cookies and other goodies to make you feel right at home. And you're always welcome to bring your treats with you to worship.

So relax and enjoy. Meet some new friends. You're welcome here!

Worship at Crossroads

Honoring God through joyful worship is a high priority at Crossroads. 

Our hope is that everything we do each time we gather – whether it's singing, praying, worshiping, teaching, tithing, interacting, or serving – reflects God’s love to all.

You'll be invited to join us as we sing Christian songs – some new, some old with a modern style – led by our talented worship band. We'll let you know how glad we are to have you with us, but we'll never single you out or embarrass you in any way. Occasionally, you'll enjoy dramas, watch videos, listen to interviews or testimonies, partake in Holy Communion, or witness baptism. And we'll ALWAYS reach out to the Father in prayer.

At the center of it all is God's word. Pastor Glen will share a message with you about a variety of issues we all face, and what the truth of the bible says about those issues. If you need a bible, we have plenty available to share, or you can read along with the scriptures up on the big screens.

We'll stick to right around 75 minutes for our worship experience. Afterward, one of our staff or volunteers would be happy to give you a tour of the building or answer your questions.

Dress code

Good news ... we don't have a dress code!

We want you to be comfortable, whatever that means to you. So if you prefer to wear jeans and a t-shirt, go for it. If you like dressing up a bit, please do.

How you dress doesn't matter. Worship is about what's in your heart!

Your children

We care deeply about the safety of your children.

So we ask you to start by bringing them to the Check-In stations, located directly in front of you as you enter the building. This helps us ensure that only the person who checks your children in can pick them up at the end of worship. The process is quick and easy, and our Check-In staff is happy to help. 

After check-in, if your children are birth through Pre-K, you'll take them to their rooms, as directed by our Check-In staff. 

If your children are in Kindergarten through 5th Grade, they'll start out in worship with you. Why? Because we find that the best way for children to learn how to worship is by watching their parents, and we want them to get off to a good start in their worship lives. They'll worship with you for awhile, then be dismissed to their classrooms partway through the service. 

Once worship is over, you can pick up your children in their designated classrooms.

Getting involved

Coming to church on Sunday is a great start. 

But getting involved will help you grow in your faith. 

It's essential to get involved with Crossroads. Why? Because that's how you become part of the family. You feel welcome, useful, and called to the church's mission. You have a chance to do the things you're passionate about. And you get to know people on a deeper level, making friendships that last for eternity!

Best of all, it doesn't have to take a lot of time. Most opportunities involve no more than an hour here or there. To get started, please download and complete this quick form. It lets us know what interests you. Then drop off your form at the church office. It's that easy!