Women experiencing peace in the presence of the Savior.

Primary topic: Women's issues

Meets: Every other Monday at 6:15 pm at Blumer residence

Leader: Kelly Blumer

Contact:; (515) 491-6635

Second Halfers

Empty nesters who support one another, laugh, and discover God’s plan for this stage of their lives.

Primary topic: Marriage

Meets: Every other Saturday evenings at Crossroads

Leader: Glen Blumer

Contact:; (515) 491-5130

God Chasers

Seniors who gather to pray and enjoy each other’s fellowship.

Primary topic: Prayer/Social

Meets: Every other Monday afternoon at Crossroads

Leader: Henri Oosterhuis

Contact:; (515) 240-6312

Promise Keepers

Men who get up early to grow in their spiritual maturity.

Primary topic: Bible study

Meets: Every other Wednesday at 6:15 a.m. at Perkins on Fleur

Leader: Glen Blumer

Contact:; (515) 491-5130

Prayer Warriors

This group gathers to meet the prayer needs of Crossroads Church.

Primary topic: Prayer

Meets: Wednesday evenings at Crossroads

Leader: Randy Messer

Contact:; (515) 285-7716

Parents of Tweens and Teens

This is a LifeGroup for parents of children in middle school and high school.

Primary topic: Parenting

Meets: Monthly on Sundays at Crossroads

Leader: Abby Laman

Contact:; (515) 981-4525


We cook and assemble delicious, low-cost freezer meals, plus share in group devotion.

Primary topic: Cooking

Meets: Monthly on Sunday evenings at Lisa Adams’ house

Leader: Tonya Krueger

Contact:; (319) 321-8212

Little Mustard Seed

We have a vision to use part of the 20-acre Crossroads property to create a community garden.

Primary topic: Gardening

Meets: Every other week at Crossroads (day TBD)

Leader: Eric Sheriff

Contact:; (515) 783-0652


We center on God’s love creating joy ... because happiness isn’t enough.

Primary topic: Dealing with depression

Meets: Every other Saturday evenings at Crossroads

Leader: Arnie DeWaard

Contact:; (515) 321-7396

Young Couples (2 groups)

Young couples who desire for their marriages to be blessed by God’s promises.

Primary topic: Marriage

Meets: Monthly on Thursday or Saturday evenings (location TBD)

Leaders (Thursday): John & Peri Halma       Contact:; (515) 419-8507

Leaders (Saturday): Mark & Joanne Jacobs       Contact:


Young couples rising to new levels in their marriage relationships.

Primary topic: Biblical principles of marriage

Meets: Monthly on Saturday evenings at Glen and Sally’s house

Leaders: Glen and Sally Blumer

Contact:; (515) 491-5130

Coffee Break

Women of Crossroads who meet every Monday morning to share in faith, fun, and fellowship. 

Primary topic: Bible study

Meets: Monday mornings at Crossroads

Leader: Abby Laman

Contact:; (515) 981-4525